UW Mentorship: Dr. Bernardi

An article from students participating in the University of Waterloo Mentorship Program.

Authors: Adrienne Chan, Katrina Johrendt, Hyeran Lee & Clayton Switzer

Dr. Bernardi welcomed us into his clinic to share his practice and  experiences with us. Out of school he had originally worked at a  downtown practice in London before deciding he wanted to run his own  clinic. His clinic has one main exam room with an additional one that  they use for pretesting and visual fields. He also has a full  dispensary. We discussed how important your workspace is for your  comfort and success; how dispensing low vision aids can be an asset to  your practice; and how London is becoming a bit more progressive in  terms of interprofessional collaboration.

When Dr. Bernardi designed his clinic he decided to give it a “homier”  feel to contrast the city atmosphere. When choosing equipment he  recommended to us to not cheap out on equipment that we will be using  every day (ex. slit lamp, phoropter, a good chair – with back  support!). He also explained to us the value of a keratometer in your  practice, since many people have irregular corneas and this tool  becomes invaluable in understanding why they are seeing what they see.

Dr. Bernardi is one of 3 ADP-authorized, low vision aid distributer in  London. These aids can prove to be invaluable to people with low  vision issues.

As an optometrist in London, Dr. Bernardi refers to other optometrists  and ophthalmologists and he imparted to us that we shouldn’t be afraid  to refer to others when we need assistance or a second opinion. He  also gave us some advice when writing these letters: stay to the  point, include why you are referring them and the findings that you  have that led you to that referral. He also told us about  participating in interprofessional rounds with ophthalmologists and  how interesting it can be to see past our own day to day to understand  the big picture of eye care. Overall we had a very informative time visiting Dr. Bernardi’s clinic  and we are very grateful for his time spent with us to share his  experiences.

University of Waterloo Optometry students tour Dr. Bernardi’s optometry practice in London, Ontario on January 21st, 2017. Pictured from left, Adrienne Chan, Clayton Switzer, Hyeran Lee, Dr. Bernardi & Katrina Johrendt. (Photo Credit: Dr. Allan Bernardi Optometry)
UW Mentorship: Dr. Bernardi