Student Doctor of the Month

Every month the Canadian Association of Optometry Students recognizes and celebrates an outstanding Canadian student doctor of optometry for their contributions to optometry. This student exemplifies desire and commitment to further optometry as a profession. Whether through political activism, community outreach or academic research, their actions and dedication help lift optometry to a new horizons. Their character is one that inspires others to rally behind them and is committed to improving the society in which they operate.

These incredible individuals are either nominated by either a fellow colleague, community member or an academic faculty member. All nominations are due on the 15th of each month and will be reviewed by the CAOS executive board. Please submit all submissions to Eligibility requires the candidate to be a Canadian citizen studying at a recognized Canadian, American or international school of optometry.

July 2018: Jane Yang

Jane Yang is a fourth year MS/OD student at NECO and currently doing her rotations in WenZhou, China. She grew up in Markham, Ontario and completed her Bachelors of Science in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Toronto in 2015. Before starting optometry school she didn’t know much about the profession at all but found everything about the eyes fascinating. Jane took a huge leap of faith when she moved to Boston to study optometry and these past 3 years for her have been incredibly rewarding. NECO has provided her with the opportunity to pursue research and complete her Master’s thesis on the effects of diurnal variations in visual stimuli and muscarinic antagonists on ocular circadian rhythms in chicks. She has a humble servant attitude and a deep sense of compassion for her patients. Jane has been on 3 optometric service trips thus far; 2 with FCO to Belize and 1 with SVOSH to the Dominican Republic.


Jane is heavily involved in the student body here at NECO. In her first year of she noticed a lack of support and resources available for Canadian students. Jane spearheaded the CAOS NECO chapter in hopes to unite Canadian students wishing to practice back in canada post-graduation. In the Spring of 2017, CAOS became an official club and Jane served as CAOS president to offer guidance and pool resources for students preparing to transition back into Canada. She has sacrificed countless hours of hard work, time, and energy into making this club succeed. In addition to that, Jane was also the fundraising coordinator for SVOSH, a student council representative, and members of multiple other clubs. Jane is a dedicated team player who not only goes out of her way to welcome new students but helps them gain a sense of belonging in our NECO community.


Whenever Jane gets a chance to step away from her academics, research, and extra curricular responsibilities, she enjoys doing yoga, kayaking, baking, playing piano, and singing. Upon graduation, she hopes to complete a residency in contact lenses and making a difference in this world by being actively involved in medical mission trips and other humanitarian aid efforts.

Ps. Jane is also a self-proclaimed rookie Chinese tea connoisseur so feel free to ask her about all her favourite teas 😉


Past Student Doctors of the Month

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