Student Doctor of the Month

Every month the Canadian Association of Optometry Students recognizes and celebrates an outstanding Canadian student doctor of optometry for their contributions to optometry. This student exemplifies desire and commitment to further optometry as a profession. Whether through political activism, community outreach or academic research, their actions and dedication help lift optometry to a new horizons. Their character is one that inspires others to rally behind them and is committed to improving the society in which they operate.

These incredible individuals are either nominated by either a fellow colleague, community member or an academic faculty member. All nominations are due on the 15th of each month and will be reviewed by the CAOS executive board. Please submit all submissions to Eligibility requires the candidate to be a Canadian citizen studying at a recognized Canadian, American or international school of optometry.


May 2017: Danielle Guenet

IMG_8913Danielle Guenet is a third-year student at the Pacific University College of Optometry in Oregon. She is the President of the CAOS PUCO Chapter and has done a fantastic job connecting the Canadian students at PUCO to optometry back in their homeland. Danielle has donated countless hours to CAOS as well as other student organizations like AMIGOs, Beta Sigma Kappa, and the 2018 Class Council.  She has also dedicated her time being a Teacher’s Assistant for Procedures class at PUCO. Danielle was a Trip Leader for the AMIGOs trip to Cambodia last December where they saw 680 patients in 5 days.



This fiery personality was raised in Canada’s Border City, Lloydminster AB/SK. Danielle eventually moved to Edmonton where she attended the University of Alberta. Here she received her BSc with a Major in Biological Sciences and a Minor in Business. Her passion for optometry started when she got her first pair of contact lenses so she could dance without having to worry about the restrictions of glasses. Danielle continued her passion for dance into post-secondary education. She performed on the U of A dance team for four years and was the head coach for her last two. Danielle also enjoys hikes and running, especially if it is for free Lululemon.


Danielle is interested in the pediatric and contact lens fields of optometry. She hopes to move back to Edmonton and work in private practice. The CAOS chapters and executive council will miss Danielle greatly! She is a very positive person to be around and has been a pleasure to work with. We thank Danielle for all her contributions and wish her best of luck in her future endeavors.

Past Student Doctors of the Month

April 2017: Naomi Kong
March 2017: Haesoul Choi
February 2017: Kyle Kassian
January 2017: Aleena Ayaz & Zain Abbas