Student Doctor of the Month

Every month the Canadian Association of Optometry Students recognizes and celebrates an outstanding Canadian student doctor of optometry for their contributions to optometry. This student exemplifies desire and commitment to further optometry as a profession. Whether through political activism, community outreach or academic research, their actions and dedication help lift optometry to a new horizons. Their character is one that inspires others to rally behind them and is committed to improving the society in which they operate.

These incredible individuals are either nominated by either a fellow colleague, community member or an academic faculty member. All nominations are due on the 15th of each month and will be reviewed by the CAOS executive board. Please submit all submissions to Eligibility requires the candidate to be a Canadian citizen studying at a recognized Canadian, American or international school of optometry.


April 2017: Naomi Kong

Naomi Kong is a third year optometry student at the University of Waterloo (UW) School of Optometry & Vision Science.  She has made several outstanding contributions to the UW CAOS chapter since her appointment as VP communications in 2015.  She is instrumental in the successful planning and launching of several UW CAOS programs.  She has put in countless hours and hard work in creating the CAOS website, Interview Day portal, Summer Internship portal and CAOS Classified page. In addition, she has created the excellent scope of practice map and several promotional items for CAOS.  Naomi led the communications team to create the inaugural CAOS magazine – Aperture and played a vital role in the successful planning and execution of the CAOS backpack project. The UW CAOS executive team is very fortunate to have Naomi on the team as she has contributed significantly to the growth and success of CAOS.

nk2Naomi Kong grew up in Toronto, Ontario and completed 3 years of her Bachelor of Science degree at University of Toronto prior to getting accepted into the University of Waterloo School of Optometry & Vision Science Optometry program. Along with maintaining a full Optometry course load, CAOS executive duties and personal responsibilities, Naomi is a UW Varsity Ultimate Frisbee athlete who regularly participates in ultimate frisbee tournaments. Naomi has a keen interest in private practice optometry, and enjoys computer programming and volunteering .

On behalf of the CAOS executive committee, I would like to thank Naomi Kong for all the hard work she has put in for her role as  VP Communications. We wish her continued success in her future endeavours.

Past Student Doctors of the Month

March 2017: Haesoul Choi
February 2017: Kyle Kassian
January 2017: Aleena Ayaz & Zain Abbas
December 2016: Jocelyn Leung