Student Doctor of the Month

Every month the Canadian Association of Optometry Students recognizes and celebrates an outstanding Canadian student doctor of optometry for their contributions to optometry. This student exemplifies desire and commitment to further optometry as a profession. Whether through political activism, community outreach or academic research, their actions and dedication help lift optometry to a new horizons. Their character is one that inspires others to rally behind them and is committed to improving the society in which they operate.

These incredible individuals are either nominated by either a fellow colleague, community member or an academic faculty member. All nominations are due on the 15th of each month and will be reviewed by the CAOS executive board. Please submit all submissions to Eligibility requires the candidate to be a Canadian citizen studying at a recognized Canadian, American or international school of optometry.


June 2017: Danielle Richard

DPicture2anielle Richard has been proudly selected as a CAOS student doctor of the month for June. CAOS would like to recognize her work, dedication, and contribution as an Optometry student at the University of Montreal.

Danielle is from New Brunswick and has enthusiastically devoted herself as president for the class of 2018. In her capacities as a leader, she has been a key element in the organization of class events among other commitments.



During the year 2016-2017, Danielle served as a representative of the optometry program within The Fédération des associations étudiantes du Campus de l’Université de Montréal (FAÉCUM). Impressively, she also found the time to get involved in The Grants Committee. Since giving back to the community has been an important aspect of Danielle’s life, she took part in a VOSH trip to Ecuador, where she generously volunteered her time in providing eye exams and dispensing glasses to the underserved population in the area

For most people, this would make for a full schedule, but not for Danielle. She managed to find time for her peers, attended every school event and was also part of the Sportometry team and enjoys playing piano and kitesurfing.

Picture1Her wonderful smile and radiant energy make her very approachable not only to her classmates, but also to every other student as she also serves as the president of l’Association des Étudiants de l’Université de Montréal (AÉOUM). In that role, she always makes sure that the interests of the optometry students are the chief priorities during the meetings with faculty members and the Board of Directors.

On the behalf of CAOS, we would like to recognize and thank Danielle Richard for her hard work, efforts, and dedication.

Past Student Doctors of the Month

May 2017: Danielle Guenet
April 2017: Naomi Kong
March 2017: Haesoul Choi
February 2017: Kyle Kassian