Your membership in CAOS will allow you to receive numerous membership perks and exclusive opportunities to attend enriching educational programs, lectures and workshops that will supplement your academics.

 Waterloo Student Membership

In order to be eligible, you must be a current optometry student at the University of Waterloo. Membership fees are a one-time lifetime fee of $60 covering ALL four years of your program and beyond graduation as an alumni member! Registration is opened throughout the year.

 CAOS Membership Perks


  • CAOS Optometry Backpack (courtesy of EyeRecommend)
  • 100 Free CAOS business cards (courtesy of the CAO) 
  • CAOS lapel pin (for white coat)
  • Dioptre-Metric Scale Sticker for your occluder (handy to measure in clinic!)
  • Access to special study/clinical resources ie. OPT124 Human Anatomy Supplemental Guide
  • CAOS Newsletter- highlights CAOS events, optometry updates and our advocacy efforts



      CAOS Lapel Pin-- Click to EnlargeCAOS Business CardCAOS Occluder Sticker





CAO Student Membership

When you join CAOS, you automatically become a student affiliate of the Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO)! Stay up to date on optometry news and advocacy, as well as access to members area on CAO site, with private messaging, resource library, discussion boards and more!

CAO also provides free business cards to students.

Programs for all CAOS Members

CAOSmentorshipCAOS Mentorship Program

Our most popular program allows students to visit the office of a practicing optometrist that has offered to provide a tour of their clinic. The visit often includes a lunch or dinner with the doctor, which serves as an excellent opportunity to ask questions about salary, lifestyle and how to start a practice. Sign ups begin at the start of October.

We also have a list of specialty clinics such as sports vision, dry eye, vision therapy and low vision clinics that members may be able to visit.


CAOS internshipCAOS Summer Internship Program

Looking for a summer job? CAOS organizes this program to connect first and second year students to a doctor to find summer employment at an optometrist’s office. Click here for details.




CAOS Professional Lecture Series & Lunch N Learn Series

CAOS brings you a series of lectures focusing on topics that enhances our member’s professional knowledge base and skills that can be applied clinically. We invite esteemed optometrists, ophthalmologists and other health professionals to share their insights, clinical pearls, and latest in evidence-based medicine. We invite the Williams Group each year to speak about private practice as well!

Click here for the Lecture Series Schedule



CAOSeduEducation & Skills Workshops

CAOS organizes several interactive events to hone your skills and prepare you as a clinican.

Optometry Futures Workshop– learn about the latest and greatest in optometric technology (Winter 2016)

Optometric Internship Training– learn some basic pre-testing and office skills before you apply for summer internship ( Winter 2018)



CAOSoutiCare EyeCare Community Outreach Opportunity

Every month, groups of students go on campus, into community centres and shopping centres to offer some care for people’s glasses through complimentary cleaning. Students have a chance to educate the public about the importance of comprehensive eye exams and what a Doctor of Optometry does.





Optometry Advocacy Training – Learn how to advocate and talk to your political reps about the importance of eyecare- Winter 2017(sponsored by CAO)

CAOS works hard to represents Canadian optometry students to:

  • bridge the communication gap between optometric associations and students.
  • strengthen relationships between practicing doctors and students to provide assistance and mentorship.
  • advocate on behalf of YOU as a unified voice to advance our profession.
  • educate the general public about our profession and the importance of eye exams and ocular health.



CAOS also organizes special events for all students:

  • Welcome Week Reception- first year welcome event
  • OAO Town Hall Meeting– open to all four years (every January)
  • Interview Day– Round robin interviews invites hiring OD’s across Canada to employ new graduates (every April)
  • Montreal Trip & CAOS Cups
  • EyeRecommend Practice Management Talk


Student Travel Grants Available to CAO Congress 2019 ~ July 11-13, Victoria, BC

CAOS members can apply for travel grants and attend the national optometry conference, organized by the Canadian Association of Optometrists.


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