Summer Internship

Dr. Patel and his 2nd year summer student in the 2015 Summer Internship Program
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Every year, CAOS organizes a unique Summer Internship Program that mutually benefits optometrists and optometry students alike. Our program provides you with a perfect opportunity for the coverage of your staff’s summer vacations or if you are in need of extra help over the summer season.

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How it works

Employ an enthusiastic first or second year Optometry student over the summer months, many of whom are looking for hands-on experience in an optometric office setting. The time of employment, pay and extent of duties performed by the summer student is up to you to decide. In return, you will provide invaluable mentorship of a future doctor of optometry, as they gain insights into running a clinic— from the front of office to managing patients.

While we cannot make any guarantees of employment, you are free to interview as many candidates as you wish.

Tips to Attract More Candidates

Relocation: If your clinic is outside a metropolitan area, it may be a good idea to provide leads into local housing or transportation so that interested candidates may be more inclined to apply.

  • Ex: in your post, include a suggestion to local rez at the local university/college or a nearby apartment, nearby attractions, facilities etc

Time Period: Students are off on summer break from end of April to end of August. While you can choose any length of employment, a 3 to 4-month posting may attract more candidates to apply.

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