Executives 2017-2018

CAOS National Executives 2016-2017

Photo credit to Boris Wong (Class of 2020)

President – Rahul Joshi (president@caostudents.ca)

The president chairs the executive team and is responsible for the overall goal setting, vision and direction of the organization. The president coordinates with the CAO and the provincial organizations and represents the student voice and perspective on Canadian optometry issues at CAO Congress, the Optometric Leaders’ Forum (OLF), and Strategic Planning seminars.

VP Education – Sherene Vazhappily (vped@caostudents.ca)

The VP Education represents students on education-related issues and undertake endeavours that enhance the educational experience of CAOS members. The VP Education ensures that students are prepared for changes ahead in the profession, while liaising with UWOSS on internal school issues (ie. curriculum). The VP Education works closely with the Political Affairs Director in advocating on issues, working closely with the associations. He is also responsible for public awareness and promotion, educating the public in regards to vision health.

Programs include: CAOS Summer Internship Program, CAOS Doctor Connect, iCareEyeCare, Vision Awareness Week (Outreach), CAOS Welcome Week Reception

VP Finance – Sidonie Ward (vpfin@caostudents.ca)

The Vice President of Finance has overall fiscal management responsibility and manages our bank accounts,  expenses and revenue. He or she keep track of current finances in order to allocate funds from different sponsors. The VP Finance actively works to seek out financial partnerships, sponsorships and donations to enhance the CAOS experience and programs. The VP Finance is also in charge of  developing and sustaining membership and seeks to broaden the benefits and perks of being a member through sponsors and other channels.

VP Communications – Jonathan Niavis (vpcomm@caostudents.ca)

VP Communications manages all avenues of communication and marketing. Overseeing our website’s development and maintenance, updating our social media, creation of marketing materials and graphics, and handling the main e-mail correspondences. VP C&M  is also vital in spearheading and promoting CAOS’ many projects.

For 2016 – 2017, the role will be split into two positions: VP Communications and VP Marketing

Chapter Development Officer 
– Meraj Iqbalzada (chapter@caostudents.ca)

The chapter development officer acts as the chief-in-charge overseeing all the chapters in Montreal, USA and Puerto Rico. The CDO acts as a liaison between CAOS and its chapters on developments and changes in Canada and serves as a resource for Canadian students seeking to return from abroad. The CDO supports and provides resources to best serve the needs of its chapters. The CDO is also in charge of maintaining the CAOS Doctor Network.

Professional Development Officer – Sarah Oh (pdo@caostudents.ca)

The professional development officer is responsible for the growth and development of students in the areas of business, management, and career planning. The PDO organizes professional lecturers to be a part of the CAOS lecture series throughout a year, as well as seeking sponsorship funding to grow the program and association’s quality and content.

Professional Development Officer – Karanveer Kamra (pdo@caostudents.ca)

The clinical development officer is responsible for implementing programs and initiatives that help foster quality assurance and the professional development of students for life after graduation. The CDO organizes half of CAOS’ annual lecture series by seeking out sponsorships and leaders in the industry to come in and speak to students on a variety of inter-professional and clinical-based topics that supplement the school’s curriculum.

Mentorship Program Director – Jocelyn Leung (mentorship@caostudents.ca)

The mentorship coordinator is involved in organizing groups of students to meet up with optometrists throughout Ontario. This provides a great opportunity to speak to many different optometrists in Ontario. In addition, each optometrist provides a great deal of knowledge and experience that will undoubtedly be useful upon our graduation.

(Please note: this responsibility will fall under the professional development officer in 2016-17)

Political Affairs Director – Martina Sawatzky (pad@caostudents.ca)

This new position for 15-16 is developed to promote political initiatives at the local and national level. The PAD is in charge of developing policies and position statements on issues and challenges pertinent to students of a political nature. The PAD coordinates lobbying and advocacy efforts and initiates campaigns to get the student body involved and politically active with the associations.

Social Affairs Coordinator –  Kristine Massicotte (social@caostudents.ca)

The social affairs coordinator is responsible for organizing and planning student social events and communicates with our counterparts in Montreal. The SAC coordinates with the Montreal chapter to strengthen the relationship and ties between Waterloo and Montreal students and unite students as future colleagues in our profession.

Marketing & Promotions Officer – Jason Chau (vpcomm@caostudents.ca)

The Marketing & Promotions Officer is responsible for creating and managing all marketing outlets, such as the CAOS website, and social media. The MPO also develops and implements features to the website to enhance the CAOS experience for members.

Executive-Elects (2018-2019)

Uyen Nguyen  President
Diana Nguyen VP Education & Outreach
Anamika Ohri VP Finance & Sponsorship
Emily Smith Political Affairs Director
Jennifer Tran VP Communication
Tristyn Lautner Professional Development Officer
Madilyne Kevany Professional Development Officer
Teresa Ching Chapter Development Officer
Shalina Amlani Mentorship Director
Carly Ross Social Affairs Director

CAOS National Advisory Board

The advisory board consists of practising optometrists that provide guidance, strategic management and direction, advising on matters of issues, scope and policy of CAOS as an organization. If you are a licensed optometrist interested in joining, please send a letter of interest to info@caostudents.ca.