President & President-Elect’s Welcome

I am honoured to be given the opportunity to lead the UW Canadian Association of Optometry Students (CAOS) chapter. I am very passionate about the optometric profession, and know that there are many challenges affecting it in Canada. Therefore, I am excited to work with the CAOS team to provide critical resources and opportunities that will enhance the professional development of optometry students and overcome the current challenges affecting Canadian optometry.

As CAOS President for the 2016 – 2017 academic year, I am working closely with the CAOS executive to make sure that our goals for this year are achieved. I plan on achieving some specific goals during my 2016 – 2017 tenure:

  • Representing Canadian optometry students in Canadian Association of Optometrist (CAO) council meetings. I will be working with the CAO council to ensure nationwide programs are created that will address federal vision issues, public awareness, scope of practice and professional development of optometrists. I will be addressing specific challenges affecting Canadian optometry students to the CAO committee.
  • Successfully leading the CAOS committee meetings and programs to ensure that CAOS members receive the best professional and clinical development prior to beginning their careers as optometrists.
  • Representing CAOS at professional meetings with corporate sponsors and provincial associations. Assisting the sponsorship and marketing committees to recruit sponsors and increase awareness about programs CAOS has to offer.
  • Working closely with the professional and clinical development committee to invite leading industry speakers to give presentations on specific topics that will enhance the professional and clinical development of CAOS members.
  • Representing CAOS at the Optometry Leaders Forum and CAO Congress
  • Actively working with the mentorship committee to expand the current CAOS mentorship program, by actively forming new partnerships with clinics that specialize in vision therapy, contact lens, dry eye and low vision
  • Mentoring the CAOS Interview Day team to ensure the successful promotion, execution and completion of the CAOS Interview Day.
  • Increase public awareness of the optometric profession by enhancing the iCare EyeCare program and motivating optometry students to perform optometry related outreach activities in the community.
  • Building collaborative partnerships with UW optometry clubs and local organizations to increase opportunities for students to participate in new events or programs that will enhance their knowledge and experience
  • Increase awareness of issues affecting the optometric profession by personally speaking to students and staff members

I strongly encourage you to browse our website and learn about the numerous opportunities offered by CAOS. Please feel free to email or speak to me in person if you have any concerns or want to learn more about the different program CAOS to offer. .


Brij Patel
CAOS President 2016 – 2017


I am very excited to have been given the opportunity to represent the students of optometry as the president-elect for the Canadian Association of Optometry Students (CAOS) for the 2016-2017 school year. I am very passionate about the profession of Optometry and strongly believe that all students should get involved in their profession as early as possible. Whether that’s through networking with experts in the field, advocating, community outreach, or just educating others about the importance of eye care. I am confident that through CAOS, we will be able to make many such opportunities available to you, so that you can make the most out of your professional education and smoothly transition from student to optometrist.

Through this position, I plan on working closely with the president and the rest of the executive team so that we can help promote the profession and bring these opportunities to you. My vision is that CAOS will become an organization that will empower students to get involved by offering them a multitude of resources that can be used to aid them through their optometric education as well as resort to for voicing any concerns.

We currently have numerous projects underway to help you become the best optometrist possible. However some specific goals that we hope to accomplish this year include:

  • Continue offering the programs and services that CAOS has been offering in the past which include lectures from experts in the profession, community initiatives like iCare EyeCare and connecting optometry students through unique opportunities
  • Successfully organize and execute our annual CAOS interview day so that the graduating students can have an opportunity to interview for jobs across Canada
  • Educate students with the current challenges that face the profession and what we are doing to tackle them, as well as voicing student concerns to the national and provincial associations
  • Unite all Canadian optometry students by strengthening our bridge between all our CAOS Chapters, which include Montreal, all the Optometry Schools in the United States, as well as Puerto Rico
  • Establish strong professional partnerships which will benefit both current and future optometry students
  • Increase public awareness for the profession of optometry and the role of an optometrist as a primary health care provider and remove any stigmas that are present in today’s society towards this profession

As part of this role, I vow to work for all students of Optometry, so that you may be able to grasp the most out of your education. CAOS is organization that is working for you, and I highly encourage you to go through our website and take part in as many programs and events that we have to offer. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for CAOS, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Rahul Joshi
CAOS President-Elect 2016 – 2017