Board Exams

Optometry Examining Board of Canada (OEBC)

The OEBC is the organization responsible for the entry-to practice optometry exam in Canada to all 10 provinces. There are two sessions each year: Fall (early November) and Spring (May). Fourth year are eligible to take the written exam as early as Fall and the practical in Spring. Candidates may also challenge both written and practical together in the Spring.

CAOS Article on how to Prepare for Canadian Written Boards


Board Prep Resources
National Board of Examiners in Optometry (USA)

The NBEO is the organization responsible for the board exam to get licensed in the US. For those interested in an American residency, it is recommended that you pursue Part 1 in August of 4th year, Part 2 in December and Part 3 during the Fall.

  • Part 1 (Basic Sciences): March or August sessions
  • Part 2 (Patient Assessment, Management): December or April sessions
  • Part 3 (Clinical Skills) : throughout the year (Charlotte, NC)
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